Rimthurs - Ur kaos MCD

Genre: Black/viking metal
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2006
Website: Rimthurs
Label: Temple of  Dakness Records
Uploaded: 11.05.06

Rimthurs is the second band (that I know of) to use Blåkullaförbannelse for lyrics, and the other band is Svartsyn. For those of you that don’t know, Blåkullaförbannelse is a chant said to be used by Swedish witches back in 1674, cursing everyone and everything. And that’s the opening track here – after a melodic intro we get a slow and haunting song, cursing us all. An awesome track, just as the Svartsyn one. But after the short opening track it goes off into a blazing inferno of grinding drums, ripping guitarwork and raging vocals. Deep, dark weeps from the abyss meets harsh screaming and ritualistic chanting. There are all kinds of vocals here, and they all fit perfectly, and they all add something new to the tunes. The occasional melodic bits lurking in the background or in a breakdown adds yet another dimension to it all - May it be the guitars, like in the title track, or the chanting in Köld. All the lyrics are in Swedish, concerning and/or romanticising our nature and ancient ways.
This is a great demo, mixing the brutality of black metal with the melodies of viking metal. A ripping, raging, throat-slicing demo. The only thing I have a remark on is the murky sound quality, it deserves a better sound. Ur Kaos will be released as a MCD by the Spanish label Temple of Darkness, but I have no idea when. However I’ve been informed that a fullength is planned for the future, and I’m eagerly awaiting any new material this guy can throw at me. Mix Månegarm with Allegiance and add some more black metal, and there you have it - Arse-kicking!

GRADE: 9 / 10