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20 February 2017
CEMETERY WINDS "Unholy Ascensions" CD out now !!
8 tracks combining obscure and crushingly heavy riffs to more bleak and desolate
melodies. Highly recommended for fans of bands such as:

check out our online store and order it now.
flyer / youtube

02 January 2017 2017 will be a year full of surprises and great releases. More info will be revealed soon...
On a generic level, we are working towards the manufacture of old releases, impossible to
find nowadays. Also, we are going to manufacture the vinyl version by first time ever,
of amazing albums, only released on CD format back then.

24 October 2016
TRANSILVANIA "Morbid Majesty" MLP [Cat. ref: TOD044] now available!!!
visit our online store and order it. Limited to 500 copies. Purple vinyl.

08 June 2016
The online mailorder has been upated with new arrivals: BEHEXEN, SATYRICON,

24 March 2016 Coming soon via Temple of Darkness Records

VIOGRESSION "A Pure Formality" MCD / MLP [Cat. ref: TOD043]
(with Paul Masvidal (Cynic) and James Murphy (Obituary, Cancer, Death) as guest musicians) more info / Youtube

TRANSILVANIA "Morbid Majesty" MCD / MLP [Cat. ref: TOD044]
(Black Metal from Austria. Highly recommended for fans of early Bathory, Darkthrone, Mayhem..) more info / Youtube

ENIGMATIC "2 Days of April + bonus" CD / LP [Cat. ref: TOD045]

(Death Metal from Sweden. Full band discography. This relase will include "2 Days of April" + "Demo '94" + "The Tranquilled Icy Water" + unreleased tracks)

CEMETERY WINDS "Unholy Ascensions" CD [Cat. ref: TOD046]
(Debut album. Death metal from Finland for fans of Bolt Thrower, Mordicus, Purtenance... Artwork by Juanjo Castellano) more info / Youtube

AMBOSS "Those Who Have Lost the Right to Exist" CD / LP [Cat. ref: TOD047]
(Obscure Death Metal from Germany. Originally released by Crypta Records in 1993. Another old gem now re-issued specially for all those metal-treasures hunters)

NIGHTSPIRIT "Death Be Thy Name" CD [Cat. ref: TOD048]
(Melodic Black / Death Metal from Sweden. Originally self-released in 1999. Highly recommended for fans of bands such as Unanimated, Sacramentum, Dark Tranquillity ("The Gallery" era), In Flames ("Lunar Stain" era) Artwork by Juanjo Castellano) more info / Youtube

TIBURON "Join Us" CD [Cat. ref: TOD049]

(Death Metal from Switzerland. Debut album, originally self-released in 1996 but only less than 10 copies were manufactured, for this reason, this album became one of the most rare collector's item, impossible to find. Improved artwork by Mark Cooper)

12 Feb 2016
NEKRODELIRIUM (Swe) "Apocalypse" MCD finally available. Melodic Blackened Death
Metal recommended for fans of: VINTERLAND, DISSECTION, SACRAMENTUM... more info / flyer

28 Jan 2016
KRHOMADEATH (Fra) "Grating into Corpse" CD finally available. All pre-orders will be shipped from now on. If you did not ordered this 90's Death Metal gem, yet,
do not miss it, only 1000 CDs were pressed. Visit our online store and buy it ! 26 Jan 2016
NEKRODELIRIUM (Swe) front cover revealed!! "Apocalypse" MCD will be released next
12th february. Melodic Blackened Death Metal recommended for fans of: VINTERLAND, DISSECTION, SACRAMENTUM...
12 Jan 2016
We are proud to announce that during spring 2016 we will release
TRANSILVANIA "Morbid Majesty" MLP limited to 500 copies. Transilvania hails from Austria
No trends, no synths here. This is real Black Metal recommended for fans of: early BATHORY, DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM and MOONBLOOD
more info / flyer

16 Dec 2015
Check out the online store for new arrivals on CD & LP.

17 Nov 2015
Death Metallers pioneers VIOGRESSION (US) signed with us for releasing its last work
to date. "A Pure Formality" will be released on CD and vinyl format in 2016.

click here for more info

19 Oct 2015
We are now on facebook (
If you choose to "friend" or "like" us, you will know when we
post special offers or news. Feel free to share the info and follow us at:

09 Oct 2015
We are officially distributing SEPTIC GRAVE "Last Sign" MCD. Check out the online store
for ordering it. This new release, is a bit more melodic but yet brutal than the famous
and wanted "Caput Mortuum" EP from 1995.
Highly recommended for fans of bands such as: AT THE GATES, UNLEASHED, GRAVE,
Samples here Septic Grave Facebook
08 Oct 2015
Available again MORDICUS "Dances from left" CD. This is the official and genuine
2015 reissue with 20 pages booklet and high quality manufacture.

14 Sep 2015
After the summer holidays, we have updated the online store with new arrivals
You will find new CD and LP of IRON MAIDEN "The Book of Souls", WINDIR, MORTUARY DRAPE, KAMPFAR, BODYFARM, DESASTER...among others

07 July 2015
We are going to close our offices and warehouse for summer holidays from 15th July to 20th August. All orders will be dispatched before 15th July. See you later.

08 Juny 2015

Check out the online shop with new arrivals. You will find new and old stuff on CD and LP of DARKTHRONE, DODHEIMSGARD, TAAKE, ARCHGOAT, CANCER, PYREXIA, LIVING DEATH, DARKNESS, TYRANT, SENTENCED, TRIPTYKON...among others

29 March 2015
We are working to release a MCD from Swedish NEKRODELIRIUM titled "Apocalypse".
Nekrodelirium is a new band and play Melodic Death / Black in the vein of bands such as VINTERLAND, DAWN, DISSECTION and SACRAMENTUM. Check them at: SOUNDCLOUD The MCD has been mastered and mixed by Ola Lindgren (Grave) at Studiosoulless

27 March 2015

We are glad to announce that during 2015 we will release "Grating Into Corpse" from
French Death Metallers KRHOMADEATH. Originally released back in 1994 by mighty
Crypta Records (Amboss, Chemical Breath, Gorement...) in both CD / LP format (by first
time). Both formats will include many band photos, and 2 extra tracks. Expect nothing but high quality Death Metal for fans of bands such as: ASPHYX, OBITUARY, MORGOTH and NOCTURNUS kdl
Despite the common belive, the correct band name is
(and not Krhoma Death)
31 Dec 2014
We wish you all, Happy New Year 2015. Thank you so much to all our bands,
customers and partners for your loyalty during 2014. Stay metal and see you soon

24 Dec 2014
Check out the online store and find new arrivals of bands such as: Ulver, At The Gates, Vampire, Morgoth, Necrowretch, Miasmal, Marduk,
and more....

19 Nov 2014

Check out the online store for new arrivals Darkthrone's Box set, Nocturno Culto's GIFT OF GODS, and vinyls of Anathema, Katatonia, Kvist, Diabolical Masquerade and more....

07 Nov 2014
Check out the online store for new arrivals Mayhem (Esoteric Warfare DLP), Burzum, Interment, Necromantia, Absurd. Mystifier, Immortal and more....

14 Jul 2014
TOD020 VINTERLAND "Welcome My Last Chapter" DLP
Finally available !!! Double coloured (ICE / FROST) vinyl limited to 666 copies. Includes a bonus track. Gatefold sleeve and Insert with photos taken by Vinterland between 1993 -1996. Price: 23,90 €. Contact now via email and order your copy. Don not miss it !!

09 Apr 2014
TOD020 VINTERLAND "Welcome My Last Chapter" DLP
The vinyl is actually in production and will be out within the coming weeks.
The pre-order time is open.
11 Dic 2013
Finally out:
TOD040 MORPHEUS "In the Arms of..." LP
Finally this piece of Swedish Death Metal on LP format. Includes Exhumed "Obscurity"
Demo '90 as bonus. Order it now !!!
click here for a flyer

among others

12 Jun 2013
Finally out:
TOD040 MORPHEUS "In the Arms of..." CD
Finally this piece of Swedish Death Metal on CD format. Includes Exhumed "Obscurity"
Demo '90 as bonus. Order it now !!!

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07 Jan 2013
Finally out:
Gatefold sleeve. Limited edition to 666 units. Splatter vinyl. Order it now !!!
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05 Oct 2012
Check out our online store. New arrivals on CD, LP and EP.
Gorement, Grave, Horrendous, Xenomorph, Abhoth, Marduk,
Bestial Summoning, Burzum...among others

10 July 2012

Coming soon:
TOD031 CRYPT OF KERBEROS "Into the Ruins" EP
2 new tracks. Expect nothing but Death Metal at his best!!!
click here for a flyer
20 June 2012
Finally available!!
TOD037 SHINING "Submit to Selfdestruction" PIC EP
Limited edition to 1000 copies.
Re-mastered by Niklas Kvarforth. Artwork by Erik (Watain)

02 March 2012
Coming soon (Winter 2012)
TOD040 MORPHEUS "In the Arms of..." CD / LP
The long time sold out MLP from the Swedish MORPHEUS "In the Arms of..."
will be finally re-released next Spring 2012 on both CD and LP versions.
Both versions will contain EXHUMED (pre-MORPHEUS) "Obscurity" demo as bonus.
Total running time: 39:07 min.
For a FLYER, click here.

29 January 2012
Finally available!!
A CANOROUS QUINTET "Reflections of..." EP

TOD038 MERCILESS "The Treasures Within" LP  
Check out the online store and order them now!!
19 December 2011
Coming soon (January 2012) Click title for more info:
TOD032 A CANOROUS QUINTET " Reflection of the mirror" EP
TOD037 SHINING  "Submit to Selfdestruction" PIC EP
TOD038 MERCILESS " The Treasures Within" LP

30 April 2011 Finally available!!
MERCILESS "The Awakening" LP & PIC LP
TOD036 DESULTORY "Counting our Scars " LP
Check out the online store and order them now!!
14 April 2011
New arrivals!! Check out our online store
The last arrivals are for LP, CD and EP of BURZUM, MORBID, DEMONAZ, NECROPHOBIC, RAZOR,
12 January 2011
RAZOR 001 STORMWRATH "Swords of Armageddon" CD
We are more than proud to announce the first release under RAZORKILL RECORDS
is finally available, "Swords of Armageddon" is the debut album from Spanish thrashers STORMWRATH,
expect nothing but killer Thrash/Speed in the '80 style. MOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
. Visit our online store to purchase it..
05 November 2010
TOD033 MERCILESS "The Awakening" LP & PIC LP
Temple of Darkness Records is proud to announce that will be releasing the MERCILESS
debut masterpiece "The Awakening" in both LP and PICTURE LP formats. Expect this new
jewel in 2011.  


24 June 2010
TOD020 VINTERLAND "Welcome My Last Chapter" Deluxe CD
We are more than proud to announce, that this gem is finally available. Deluxe CD
(Clamshell box, poster, sticker, certificate). Includes bonus track: Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)
. Visit our online store to purchase it..

24 May 2010
Temple of Darkness Records is proud to announce next 4th June will release a split EP with two
brilliant bands: SATANOCHIO (Romania) and THE KONSORTIUM (Norway). The EP will include a
VED BUENS ENDE cover. Artwork made by genius Costin (twilight

01 May 2010
SUMMONING "Nightshade Forests" PIC LP
Now available!!! A Picture LP version fit in gatefold sleeve with insert, lyrics, alternate artwork
and certificate. Strictly limited to only 500 copies. Visit our online store to purchase it..

30 April 2010
Finally available the Double LP version. A noble white marble vinyl fit in gatefold sleeve
with alternate artwork. Strictly limited to only 500 copies.Visit our online store to purchase it.

05 February 2010
TOD020 VINTERLAND "Welcome my last Chapter" CD
One of the most brilliant Swedish Black Metal albums ever, finally richly re-issued with new layout,
photos and bonus track (´Freezing Moon` - Mayhem´s cover)
click here for more info
14 January 2010
Temple of Darkness Records is proud to announce will release the vinyl version
of the Ihsahn's upcoming album: "After". Former EMPEROR vocalist / guitarist Ihsahn,
offers a new progressive work which is recommended for fans of bands such as:
EMPEROR and OPETH. Extrictly limited to 500 copies. Order it now!

ihsahn logo cover

04 November 2009
FOSCOR en concierto!
El proximo 07.11.09 FOSCOR presenta su nuevo disco "Groans to the Guilty" en la sala Dark Factory
de Sabadell (C/Vidal,114). Tambien actuan Lux Divina y Decapitated Christ
Mas informacion pinchando aqui.

No Falteis !!
30 September 2009
Latest reviews for REV 16:8 and FOSCOR:
REV 16:8 "Grand Tidal Rave" CD

Review: HAVEN METAL (9,5 / 10)"Album of the Month"
Review: PAVILLON666 (9,5 / 10)
Review: FRIEDHOF MAGAZINE (8,75 / 10)
Review: LORDS OF METAL (85 / 100)
“Rev 16:8 is truly one of the best and most convincing black metal acts to come out
of Sweden in the last years”.
Review: MORTEM ZINE (8 / 10)
Review: METAL.DE (8 / 10  )
Review: THE EXECUTIONE ZINE (7,75 / 10)
Review: THE METAL CIRCUS (7,7 / 10)
Review: MY LAST CHAPTER (7,5 / 10  )
Review: HIEROPHANT NOX (71 / 100)
Review: LEGACY (10 / 15)

Review: CLOSE-UP MAGAZINE (7 /10)
“REV 16:8 are technically impressive and almost perfect. A solid Swedish Black/Death album recommended for all fans into this style”

FOSCOR "Groans to the Guilty" CD
Review: BLACKTERROR METAL (Top Album Hit) Review: FRIEDHOF MAGAZINE (9,25 / 10) Review: BLACKDAWN ZINE (9 / 10) Review: HOTEL666 (9 / 10) Review: THE METAL CIRCUS (8,5 / 10) Review: METALFAN (8,5 / 10) Review: MY LAST CHAPTER (8,5 / 10) Review: HIEROPHANT NOX (82 / 100) Review: TERRORIZER (8 / 10) Review: MORTEM ZINE (8 / 10)
Review: METALHEAD (8 / 10) Review: LEGACY (11 / 15) Review: METAL.DE (7 / 10) Review: METAL ZONE (7 / 10) Review: TAAKEFROST (7 / 10)

09 July 2009
SUMMONING "Oath Bound" Double Picture LP
ZEMIAL "I am the Dark" EP & Picture EP
REV 16:8 "Grand Tidal Rave" CD
FOSCOR "Groans to the Guilty" CD & Digipack CD

availble now!!
Feel free to place your order from now on.
Click below to view real photos:
Summoning // Zemial // REV 16:8 // Foscor

23 May 2009
DEN SAAKALDTE "AlI Hail Pessimism" DLP
We are proud to announce we will release the LP version of DEN SAAKALDTE "All Hail Pessimism"
in a high quality double vinyl with gatefold sleeve. The LP version will contain "Wheel of Fortune" a cover
from the legendary PENTAGRAM (US) as bonus track.

10 April 2009
ASPHYX en España!!
El proximo 24 y 25 de Abril se celebra en Barcelona un festival con ASPHYX, GRAVEYARD, ERED,
Temple of Darkness instalará un stand con cientos de CDs, LPs y EPs.

09 April
KHORS, new video available
Pagan / Black Metallers KHORS have a new video available on Youtube.
The song is "Red Mirrors" from the great "Mysticism" album.

18 March 2009
Finally available Consumed By Darkness Magazine issue #1. Interviews with: CRYPT OF KERBEROS,
MORPHEUS, FURBOWL.. 48 pages of Old school Madness (100% written in English)
. Only 3,00 €
18 March 2009
CRYPT OF KERBEROS sings with Temple of Darkness Records !!
Swedish Death Metallers legend Crypt of Kerberos is back!! with members from acts such as:
We are more than proud to announce the new EP with 2 new recorded songs will be released soon.
March 2009
ZEMIAL "I am the Dark" EP
The long awaited new Zemial EP has been recorded now, and will be released before summer 2009
in both regular EP and PICTURE EP. The EP includes 2 exclusive tracks specially recorded for this
release ("I am the Dark" & "Words From The Temple Of Shadows "
March 2009
FOSCOR "Groans To The Guilty" CD
Black Metallers FOSCOR revealed today that “Groans To The Guilty” is to be the title of their third album,
and will be released during the summer of 2009, in both a jewel case edition, and a limited edition
Digipack version that will include a bonus track. “Groans To The Guilty”, which the band will record
at the Room Studios in Spain between the 14th March and the 4th April. Artwork for the album
is by CC at Twilight13Media, and photography by Sathorys Elenorth of Silent Places.

foscor cover

16 March 2009
REV 16:8 "Grand Tidal Rave" CD
Finally, the debut album of Black Metallers REV 16:8 is recorded. "Grand Tidal Rave" is the title.
You can expect nothing but Swedish Black Metal. cover


15 January 2009
Como cada año se celebra el ya famoso festival "Kanya a St. Climent" Este año se han superado
a si mismos y nos ofrecen un cartel de auténtico lujo:
Necronomicon (Ger) + Avulsed + Foscor + Lux Divina + Setge + Death Over Threat +
Trobar de Morte + Unbounded Sadism

La cita es obligada!! nosotros también estaremos con nuestro stand habitual donde encontrareis
cientos de CD,LP y EP de Black / Thrash / Death /Viking /Pagan/ Doom / Ambient entre otros estilos. Más informacion en: 
14 January 2009

19th Feb 2009 - SALLE EMERAUDE / FR – BRESSUIRE + Food4Worm
20th Feb 2009 – FLORIDE / FR – NANTES + Scars of Chaos
21th Feb 2009 - MONDO BIZARRO  /  FR – RENNES + Fenguerous
22th Feb 2009 - ESPACE B / FR – PARIS + Caedeath + Crixifiction
23th Feb 2009 - LA RUMEUR / FR – LILLE + guest t.b.c.
24th Feb 2009 - BAR LAPLACE / FR – CAEN + Way to End
25th Feb 2009 – FURIOUS / FR – TROYES + Embryonic Cells
26th Feb 2009  - HERETIC CLUB /  FR – BORDEAUX + Cylenchar + Hellmouth
27th Feb 2009  - WHEELIE BAR /  FR - CLERMONT FERRAND + Endless Agony
28th Feb 2009 - SALA TUNK /  ESP – IRUN + Cylenchar
poster gig

01 January 2009
HAPPY NEW METAL YEAR !!! to all customers, distros, labels, partners, magazines, fanzines,
webzines, radio stations, promoters, bands, etc.who have collaborated with us in 2008.
We wish the best to you all, and we hope 2009 will be a great year !!!

                                        28 November 2008
Out Now!! SHINING / DEN SAAKALDTE "Split EP" (EP, PIC EP and DIEHARD versions) Order it now.
Price EP: 6,50 €
Price PIC EP: 9,50 €

20 November 2008
Out Now!! PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR "230204" CD available!! .
Order it now. Price 12,00 €
10 November 2008
Out Now!! LIE IN RUINS "Architecture of the Dead" MCD available!!
Order it now. Price 8,00 €

30 October 2008 We are proud to announce we have signed with Swedish Black Metallers REV 16:8 for their debut album in 2009. The band is formed by well known musicians: Themgoroth (Dark Funeral, Infernal, Setherial...) Talon (IXXI, Bloodshed, Finntroll..) Nefastus (Nefastus, Bloodshed) Pata (Bloodshed, Decadence) So, you can expect pure Swedish Black metal at his best !! Check them at: MYSPACE

29 October 2008 MORDICUS “Dances from Left” CD PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR “230204” CD LIE IN RUINS “Architecture of the Dead” MCD available next 14th Novembe. Feel free to do a pre-order from now on! 28 October 2008 We announce a SHINING / DEN SAAKALDTE split EP delay due pressing plant troubles. The EP will be finally out next 15th November. Of course all pre-orders are reserved  
and we will contact to you all as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience.
14 October 2008 LIE IN RUINS finally in Spain !! + GRAVEYARD + METRALLA LA SALA (Sabadell - BCN) 07.11.2008 // 21:00 h
                                         +info/cartel 10 October 2008 HELLSPAWN
printed magazine # 1....NOW AVAILABLE !! Interviews to: ASPHYX, HELLHAMMER, DESTRUCTION, LIE IN RUINS... 4€ Spain / 6 € Europe / 8 € World // Flyer get your copy at: // 08 October 2008 NUEVA FECHA !!! CRASH DUMMIES METAL FESTIVAL18.10.2008 (Molins de Rei - BCN)                cartel 21 August 2008 SHINING / DEN SAAKALDTE -Split EP- Die Hard version A Die-hard limited edition to 100 copies will contain: 1 EP + 1 exclusive T-shirt If you would like to do a pre-order, please get in touch and let us know what size you need.                   flyer 07 August 2008 SHINING / DEN SAAKALDTE -Split EP- All is ready to launch the upcoming split EP. Release date:October flyer
             11 July 2008
               ETHEREAL FESTIVAL 2008
               As every year, a new edition of this excellent festival: 19.07.2008 / 20:30 h
               Como cada año una nueva edicion de este excelente festival: 19.07.2008 / 20:30 h               
               Temple of Darkness Records montará un stand con cientos de CDs, LPs y Eps 
              10 July 2008
               Check out our online store at the SHOP section. We have added   tons of new arrivals:
               09 July 2008
               We are proud   to announce, after summer 2008, we will edit a split EP (7 inch) with SHINING and 
               DEN SAAKALDTE bands. More information about this release soon

20 June 2008
Sábado 28 de Junio. METAL ZONE (C/ Almogavers 86 - 88) - BCN
Temple of Darkness Records montará un stand con venta de CDs, LPs y Eps

20 June 2008

Sábado 28 de Junio. DARK FACTORY (C/ Vidall 144) SABADELL - BCN

02 June 2008
We are more than proud to announce Temple of Darkness Records is one of the official distributors
of: ZEMIAL "Face of the Conqueror / Necrolaty" new limited edition
In a couple of weeks you will be able to place your order here
Meanwhile you can pre-order and reserve it. Just send an email at:

04 April 2008
21:30 h sala "La Canal" Tona (Bcn) precio: 3,00 €
Temple of Darkness Records montará un stand con cientos de CDs, LPs, EPs

04 April 2008

25 March 2008
PAGAN HYMS NIGHT (25.04.2008 // 20:00 h)
Temple of Darkness Records montará un stand con cientos de CDs, LPs, EPs

24 March 2008
DUAT D:Y:O (28.03.2008 // 19:30 h)
Temple of Darkness Records montará un stand con cientos de CDs, LPs, EPs

21 March 2008
Finally out PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM "Pathogenesis" CD
2nd full-lenght of pure cold, fast and brutal Black Metal influenced by the Nordic style.


01 March 2008
entrada gratuita 19:00 h (GAVÀ - BCN)


20 February 2008 
Death Mechanism + Obscure + Graveyard + Asfixia
Concierto en Sala Seattle (Sabadell). Dia: 01.03.2008 (20:00 h)
Cientos de Cds y Lps en nuestro stand.


01 February 2008
Como cada año por estas fechas, se celebra este festival metalero en St. Climent (Barcelona). Mas de 7 horas de metal en todas sus variantes con bandas nacionales e internacionales. Temple of Darkness montará stand con cientos de CD's, LP's y EP's a la venta. Pincha en poster para mas informacion.

12 December 2007

DETHRONING THE KINGS 2008 / 6-1-2008
Omission + Altar of Sin + Redimoni + Metralla

Excellente Festival Thrash con 4 impresionantes bandas nacionales.
Cientos de CDs y LPs a la venta en el stand de Temple of Darkness

03 December 2007
Temple of Darkness Records is now distributed worldwire by Plastic Head Distribution and Code 7. Ask to your local shop for our releases. In case, they are not available, you can place an order directly to us via our maildorder. We ship worlwire.

05 November 2007
We are more than proud to announce we have signed a deal with the Finnish Death Metallers PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR (with Ex-DEPRAVITY members) for their 2nd full length: "230204". Feel free to check the 2 new samples added at the sound section. Expect pure old school Death Metal in the way of early UNLEASHED and, BOLT THROWER !!

05 November 2007
Finally out SUMMONING "Lugburz" Pic LP with sleeve, limited to 300 copies only .
Order it now!!

03 October 2007
DENIAL OF GOD + DEMONICAL + local supports
"HORRORS OF TH E UNLIGHT TOUR 9th to 17th November"
click link for more info / pinchar link para mas información

19 Aug 2007
SATAN LIVES FEST II 12/13-Oct-2007
click link for more info / pinchar link para mas información

 Temple of Darkness montará un stand donde podreis comprar
CDs, LPs y EPs entre cientos de titulos.

03 Aug 2007
Finally out !! the acclaimed 2nd album of the Spanish Black Metallers FOSCOR is available from now on. "The smile of the Sad ones" CD is a piece of art in the Northern tradition

YA A LA VENTA !!! El aclamado 2º album de la banda de Black metal española FOSCOR está ya disponible. "The smile of the Sad ones" CD es una pieza de arte al estilo nórdico.

04 July 2007
ETHEREAL FESTIVAL '07 14-07-2007
Impresionante Festival (como cada año !) Temple of Darkness montará un stand tambien aqui.

30 June 2007
Temple of Darkness montará un stand -en este más que excelente festival- donde podreis comprar
CDs, LPs y EPs entre cientos de titulos. Para mas informacion de como, cuando y donde: click en el link o visitar

29 June 2007
FINALLY OUT !!!! SUMMONING “Sounds of Middle Earth” Collectors Boxed Picture LP set. The box contains 5 Picture LPs and a 12 pages booklet with previously unpublished photos and drawings. This is the first time that the band has been released on vinyl so you can now hear a whole new dimension.

A lot of people have been asking for this set for a while now, and have already pre-ordered so if you’d like to get yours, just email Please write Summoning Box Set Order and your name in the subject box, so that you can be dealt with immediately.

07 June 2007
Spanish black metallers FOSCOR sign with Temple of Darkness for the second
album "The smile of the Sad Ones" CD. Expect Black Metal of the highest calibre
in the Northern tradition. For fans of EMPEROR, ENSLAVED, VED BUENS ENDE or

17 May 2007

We are proud to announce, the band that finally has contributed for the upcoming
split EP with DEMONICAL (Swe) is the mighty ABSU (Us). Summer 2007


5 February 2007

Finally out !!!


TOD017 SHAARIMOTH "Current 11" LP


Check our online store for ordering it.

26 January 2007

Soon we will release a mcd of the Finnish Death metallers LIE IN RUINS ( ).
This awesome band plays really high quality Death Metal in the way of MACABRE END, GRAVE, DISMEMBER and BOLT THROWER. Feel free to check this band at their web sites.

22 January 2007

During the next few months we will release a split EP with the new Swedish Death/Black metal band DEMONICAL
(, ) with past and present members of: CENTINEX, GRAVE, INTERMENT, MOONDARK, DELLAMORTE, DISMEMBER, CARNAGE, to name a few). The other band will be announce soon, and you can expect a really good surprise )

17 January 2007

We are proud to announce our collaboration with DREAMTIDE MUSIC ( // ). They have given to us the license to release "The Shadowpath" of the mighty MOONDARK (Swe) on LP version during 2007. MOONDARK have present and past members of INTERMENT, CENTINEX, DELLAMORTE, KATATONIA, UNCANNY, FULMINATION and REGURGITAT, so you can expect high quality of pure Old school Death Metal. Impressive layout made by TWILIGHT13 MEDIA ( )

19 December 2006

We have a new myspace site !! you can visit us also at:

12 December 2006

New MORDICUS myspace site !!! Don´t hesitate to visit they at:

New CONSUMED BY DARKNESS MAG myspace site !!

11 December 2006

Due several troubles, the coming SUMMONING Box set will be out next January 2007. We are really sorry for this delay., but the wait will be compensated with the high quality item.

16 october 2006


click here for more info

18 sept 2006

We have closed a deal with the acclaimed Swedish Band: VINTERLAND for
re-issue their famous "Welcome My Last Chapter" in CD and a limited vinyl
version. This album, originally released in 1996 was produced by Dan
Swanö. Our edition will contains as a bonus track: "Freezing Moon" (MAYHEM
cover). VINTERLAND plays a really high quality Black / Death Metal with an
inmense melancholic atmosphere and a great melodic guitars. Some samples
in the sound section.



11 sep 2006

Temple of Darkness started a Magazine called: "Consumed by Darkness Mag". With interviews, reviews and more info about the Scandinavian Old School Death Metal scene (1988 - 1995). This magazine will be for free and you will be able to download it in PDF format through our web. If you were a Band of that scene and you like to collaborate with us, please feel free
to contact us using:


23 August 2006

Some samples of SUMMONING have been added to the sound section. About the acclaimed box set (thanks to everybody for the incredible interest on this release), it seems we could respect the out date: some day of October - November


22 August 2006

Here at last!!  The Ur:Kaos MCD from the Swedish Black/Viking metal band
RIMTHURS is now available.  A real quality piece of Nordic art!  If
bands like Kampfar, Einherer or Mock are for you, then you definitely
need to hear this.


21 August 2006

We are proud to announce that under license to Satanas Rex, the Cold Spring sub label specialising in Black Metal,  we will be releasing the limited vinyl edition of the fantastic Gleipnirs Smeder album by the Norwegian band Jotunspor. Formed in 2005 as a studio band, JOTUNSPOR comprises the prolific King ov Hell (Gorgoroth, Sahg, I and Audrey Horne) and Kvitrafn (Gorgoroth, Sahg and Siegfader).  This collectors edition won't be available for another few months, but in the meantime you can get the CD version of this extraordinary work directly from Cold Spring at:


20 August 2006

We will soon be releasing "Dances from Left" by MORDICUS, one of the most
important old Death Metal bands from Finland.  The album will appear in CD
format and include several bonus tracks, and also in a very limited vinyl
LP edition. Both versions will include a special booklet with photographs
from the band's own collection.


16 August 2006

We are pleased to announce
that under license to Morbid Wrath, we will be releasing a limited edition
LP  of an album by those veritable gods ETERNAL DARKNESS.  "Total
Darkness" will contain previously unreleased material, and will come in
gate-fold format on coloured vinyl, with insert, rare photos, liner notes,
embroidered patch and vinyl sticker (Limited Bonus Edition).  Everything
will be ready to send to the pressing plantin a few weeks.


14 August 2006

We have closed a deal with the Swedish Black Metallers EXCESSUM for release their excellent “Death Redemption” in a limited vinyl version. If you don´t know this great band, and you like bands as DISSECTION, VINTERLAND or WATAIN we highly recommended you don´t miss this release and the steps of this band. Some samples in the sound section.



11 july 2006

click here for more info


23 June 2006
We are proud to announce that under CARNAL RECORDS licence, we will
publish the acclaimed album of the Norwegians SHAARIMOTH "Current 11"  in
a limited vinyl edition.

22 June 2006
A "TAPE" section in now available in the online shop.


21 June
a VEMOTH´s review on TARTARIAN DESIRE (Thanks guys !)

19 June 2006
All is ready to release RIMTHURS "Ur:Kaos" mcd and SVARTSYN "Bloodline" LP


24 May 2006

Due to the massive support of all you (customer, labels, distributors...) we have reduced all the prices in our online store (SHOP). Now you  can find all the new features to the best price !! 


25 April 2006

Because of the length of both "Minas Morgul" and "Dol Guldur", the much anticipated Summoning boxed set will contain 5 Picture LPs, and not 3 as originally planned and therefore both albums will be released in double Picture LP format.  Even better news for all the Summoning fans and collectors!  We will have more info on the layout which will be used for the extra Picture LP in a few weeks.


24 April 2006

We have been granted a license to release a limited LP version of the "Bloodline" album by the legendary Swedish Black Metallers Svartsyn - a cult name on the underground Black Metal scene.  More information to follow in a few weeks.


19 April 2006

We have decided to go with a new layout for the NAER MATARON/VOICE OF HATE split EP, and hopefully you will enjoy this new version.  Check out  a draft in the RELEASES section.



10 April 2006

We have been granted a licence to release a limited LP version of Austrian Black Metallers HELLSAW's album "Spiritual Twilight".  If you're into  their fellow countrymen ABIGOR or SUMMONING (remember the "Luzburg" era) you will most definitely want to hear what HELLSAW have to offer.  Check out the Sound section in a few days time and you will find out how impressive this band is.


07 April 2006

At last the Shop section is open for business!  Aside from tons of CDs, LPs and EPs, you will find a veritable collector's paradise of rarities, hard to find and out of print items.


30 March 2006

METAL IS ALIVE IN SPAIN!!  We would like to welcome you to our country and our festivals.  Too far?  Not really.  Only a few hours by plane.If you do decide to visit, why don't you let us know, and we will be glad to send you city and underground maps etc., to get your visit off to a great start.  Hope to see you there!!


12/04/06 MEPHISTO Barcelona

13/04/06 MEPHISTO Barcelona

18/04/06 MEPHISTO Barcelona

11/05/06 MEPHISTO Barcelona

18/05/06 MEPHISTO Barcelona

8/06/06 MEPHISTO Barcelona

11/06/06 MEPHISTO Barcelona

8/10/06  MEPHISTO  Barcelona

15/10/06  MEPHISTO  Barcelona


27 March 2006

Swedish band RIMTHURS and Temple of Darkness have closed a deal for future collaboration. This awesome band plays the sort of quality Black Metal which invites comparison with Kampfar, Mock, Einherjer or Hades Almighty. Check them out for yourselves in our “Sound” section.


22 March 2006

At long last we have received the Naer Mataron track for their split EP with Voice of Hate. It was delayed for some time, but the resulting track – “Chaos Disruption” has proved to be worth every minute of the wait. It is one of the best tracks Naer Mataron have ever written. Production is therefore ready to start on the NAER MATARON/VOICE OF HATE split EP, limited to 666 copies (TOD003).


15 March 2006

News from the Beastcraft and Orcrist camps in Norway and Italy is that the bands are in the final stages of preparation before entering their respective studios to record two tracks each for their Split 7” EP.  Beastcraft's “Celebration of Christ's Death” and Orcrist's “Black Destroyer" will then be recorded during April.


10 March 2006

All the followers of mythical Austrian band SUMMONING, fans of the epic Black Metal and fans of the JRR Tolkien saga (The Lord of the Rings)are on lucky. It is now official! Licenced by Napalm Records, Temple of Darkness will be releasing the first three albums of SUMMONING in a special edition. Since their first release Lugburz, Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur are albums that have been crying out to be released in a special format, and the proposed Triple Picture LP Boxed Set will, at long last, truly do justice to these epic works. This is likely to become a much sought after collectors item very quickly. We are now working to keep the same original awesome Summoning´s layout. This stuff will be released on a strictly limited edition to 1000 triple picture LP boxed set


7 March 2006

Temple of Darkness have closed a deal with two great underground Black Metal bands - Beastcraft (Norway) and Orcrist (Italy) to release a split 7” EP. Both bands are well known for their uncompromising attitudes when it comes to the true Black Metal sound, and are currently working on producing two tracks each for what is likely to emerge as a raw and brutal work. Beastcraft have a working title of “Celebration of Christ's Death” which gives some indication of how uncompromising they intend to be, whilst Orcrist are back to their original, and strongest, line-up, and are writing two new tracks which are already sounding ice cold and dark as the pits of Hell.


3 March 2006

The Swedish TRIBULATION are working to release an EP through the great label BLOOD HARVEST. After that they will work on the tracks for a MLP through Temple of Darkness. If you like the Old School Death Metal, Tribulation are in the vein of bands such as; MACABRE END, NIHILIST, GODDEFIED, HOUSE OF USHER, AUTHORIZE, NECRONY, NIRVANA 2002, ABHOTH, name a few. You have some samples on the “sounds” section. Enjoy it !!!


18 February 2006

Unfortunately, the second album of the Swedish HYDRA will have a delay to be out. They are near to complete 8 of 11 tracks. We will have to wait more time to enjoy this masterpiece . We will be able to wait? Meanwhile, your can listening their previous works in the “sounds” section, also in the HYDRA's web site (go to the “link” section)


12 February 2006

The new work of the Swedish UNLIGHT ORDER will be a mcd titled : “Through the Gates of Torment” . 5 tracks of pure evil Swedish black metal. Surely the guitars riffs and the dark atmosphere of this opus will freeze your soul.

If you are looking for fast and cold Scandinavian melodies you will not be disappointed at all. This is your stuff. You have samples on the “sounds” section.


2 February 2006

Everything is ready to release TOD006 VEMOTH (Swe) “Köttkroksvals” their debut album on CD and Picture LP limited to 500 copies


13 January 2006

We closed a deal with Swedish label TOTAL HOLOCAUST RECORDS. Now , we are his official distributor for the Spanish territory.


27 December 2005

It is highly likely that Temple of Darkness Records will be releasing future albums from ORNIAS, TRIBULATION and EREB ALTOR. Have a little patience and you could be listening to some truly awesome music very soon.


23 December 2005

Everything is ready to go ahead with the production of the Split EP CADAVER / VOICE OF HATE
Limited to 666 hand-numbered copies. Grey and white coloured vinyl


14 December 2005

CONFIRMED!!!! Swedish UNLIGHT ORDER sign with Temple of Darkness for a MCD. More news will be updated shortly. Samples are available in the “Sounds” section of our website.


13 December 2005

We close a deal with the German label NORTHERN SILENCE ( to release/co-release their stuff in a vinyl format.


12 December 2005

CONFIRMED !!!  VEMOTH (Sweden) sign with Temple of Darkness records for their first full-length album "Köttkroksvals" (TOD006)

VEMOTH produce the sort of Black Metal for which Sweden is rightly famed. “Köttkroksvals” will be released in CD and limited PICTURE LP versions during March/April of 2006. If you haven't heard their work before there is no doubt whatsoever that you will want to hear a hell of a lot more of this band once you get a taste. You can listen to some samples on the "Sounds" section of out website.


9 December 2005

CONFIRMED !!! HYDRA (Sweden) sign with Temple of Darkness records for the release of their 2nd full-length album, which will, without a doubt, be one of the front-runners for the best Black Metal album of 2006.

This awesome Swedish band plays the kind of high quality Black Metal you expect to hear coming out of Scandinavia. However, what will surprise you is not just the quality of their playing and writing, but the astonishing individuality they have brought to the genre, whilst at the same time not sacrificing anything that is essential to it's spirit. Black Metal at its best? Definitely! One not to be missed at any cost. Available March 2006 in both CD format and Limited Edition LP version (limited to 500 copies). You can check out some samples on the "Sounds" section of our website.


2 December 2005

We are talking with several excellent Swedish bands, such as WASTE, HYDRA, ORNIAS, UNLIGHT ORDER, VEMOTH, TRYMHEIM, ENTHRALLED, EREB ALTOR TRIBULATION, SARCASTIC, and ARCHANGEL to name a few!!


12 November 2005

We are ready to go ahead with the production of ERESHKIGAL's “The Raping of the Divine” LP in Limited Edition gatefold on purple vinyl, limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies. Coming from a band that plays awesome music imbued with old Hellenic sounds, something akin to the first albums of Rotting Christ, Necormantia or Varathron, this LP has to be a masterpiece in the making.


3 October 2005

The artwork for the split EP with VOICE OF HATE / NAER MATARON is ready, also the VOICE OF HATE track . Now we are waiting the NAER MATRON track will be ready,too.


9 September 2005

CONFIRMED !!! We will be releasing the CADAVER / VOICE OF HATE Split EP (TOD004).

The mighty CADAVER, of course need no introduction. The Norwegian band have been playing pure Death Metal since 1988 and the devastating “Decomposed Metal Skin” heralds the release of the first EP in their discography.

VOICE OF HATE destroy all vestiges of normal existence with what is probably their most aggressive sound to date in the form of two new songs - “Trash and Burn” and “Arising a Firestorm”.  The EP will be a hand-numbered, Limited Edition of 666 copies.


7 June 2005

NAER MATRON from Greece and VOICE OF HATE are dealing with us for a Split EP release.


27 July 2005

Our very first release finally sees the light of day in the shape of the IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES/VOICE OF HATE Split EP (TOD001). Half were sold before it even appeared, so be quick and order before you miss out!


18 May 2005

Everything is ready for releasing the IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES / VOICE OF HATE Split EP (TOD001) in a stunning gatefold edition, limited to 666 hand-numbered copies.


9 May 2005

We start negotiations with mighty CADAVER (Norway) along with VOICE OF HATE about the possibility of releasing a Split EP


11 April 2005

CONFIRMED!!!! We will release the vinyl edition of “The Raping of the Divine”, ERESHKIGAL's debut album limited to1000 units, Gatefold sleeve. Purple coloured vinyl.


5 March 2005

We meet George Exarchos (ex Flegethon), an important musician on the Hellenic metal scene, Now a member of ERESHKIGAL, we started negotiations to release the their first full length.


10 February 2005

We close a deal with IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES and VOICE OF HATE, for a Split EP limited to 666 copies.


17 December 2004

We started negotiations with Swedish IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES and Spanish VOICE OF HATE for
the edition of a Split EP with the two apocalyptic bands.


24 April 2004

Fuelled by an overwhelmingly dark desire to keep alive the unholy flame of true metal I lay the foundation stone that will allow me to build the Temple that will house within its walls the legacy of those very bands whose talent and creativity feed the black flame.


17 December 2003

Within the depths of my dark, tormented soul, the idea of creating the Temple of Darkness begins to take shape.

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