Total Darkness (LP)
(Temple Of Darkness Records)

Attention boys and girl, we are talking about something really special here! What do you think if someone talks about Death Metal from Sweden from the early 90s? For sure you'll think about ENTOMBED and ENTOMBED-clones, Sunlight sound and shredding guitars. I have to admit, you are right and I usually think the same, but the situation for ETERNAL DARKNESS is completely different, just because they were different. They didn't sound like ENTOMBED, they were no typical Swedish-sounding band, they didn't have this Sunlight sound and didn't have these shredding guitars. ETERNAL DARKNESS were from the beginning to their end unique. The style they were playing was more Doom Metal than Death Metal, from my point of view total outstanding and if I have to compare them to any band I would say that the closest band their sound was related to could be old CATHEDRAL back to their “Forest Of Equilibrium” days, but if you think CATHEDRAL back in their early days had a sad and depressive sound you don't know anything about this type of music at all. ETERNAL DARKNESS back then reached a level no other band (at least I don't know a comparable band) ever reached. ETERNAL DARKNESS were heavy, dark, sad and negative. Just listen to the songs 'Psychopath' or 'The Island (Of Fear)' and you surely will agree with me. Considering this it was more than the highest time to make their recordings available to a larger audience. Temple Of Darkness Records in collaboration with Morbid Wrath Records decided to release their material (songs from their demos “Ceremony Of Doom”, '90 and “Suffering”, '91, the “Doomed” 7”EP from '92 and from their unreleased MLP “Twilight In The Wilderness”) on vinyl, while Morbid Wrath Records are taking care of the CD version. Don't ask me if there is a difference between the songs on the CD and the vinyl version as I only have the vinyl version so far, but this vinyl is surely a goody. The songs are pressed in white vinyl and packed in a great gatefold sleeve with a morbid looking cover, many bandfotos form their days and include some kind of biography or introduction into the world and lifetime of ETERNAL DARKNESS. The whole recording, doesn't matter if we are talking about the CD or the vinyl version is a must have for all fans who are looking out for one of the saddest and darkest musical experience ever recorded and for sure also a must have for all old school maniacs who have their demos in a tenth-generation copy and who are waiting for this release since ages and now have the possibility to get their faves in a great sound quality. Check out the homepages of the labels for ordering details: For the vinyl version go to or, for the CD-versions check out or!

Thomas Ehrmann