Voice of Hate / Cadaver 7"
Genre: Old school death metal
Origin: Spain vs. Norway
Released: 2006
Website: Voice of Hate, Cadaver
Label: Temple of Darkness Records
Uploaded: 15.09.06

Voice of Hate opens up strong with brutal old school death metal. Heavy, grinding drums, sinister string-work and harsh growls. While taking the essence of bloody kick-ass old school they add a brutal edge to it with the fast drumming. Though they can still slow things down for some oh-so-heavy guitars, adding a truly head banger friendly pace. I had absolutely no expectations what so ever, so I have to say I was really surprised, and truly blown away by the brutality and fierceness.
The Norwegians Cadaver needs no presentation. They open up with blazing speed before settling down to a more mid paced level, before the mangling is back on. The grim screaming fits the recipe for old school perfectly, and the venomous strings are no exception. About two minutes into the tune they offer us an awesome guitar solo, followed by a sing-along-friendly section of yelling Jesus Is Dead, ending with the same blazing speed.
This split rocks my world!

GRADE: 9 / 10